Beijing: China Lose Patience to North Korean Nuclear Test Programmes_Demanded DPRK To Move Site Somewhere and NOT Near China or Russian Border.

Beijing_China cannot sit back and watch North Korea exercise its military strength near her border until the site implodes… Out of frustration China sought if North Korea still want to continue military drills, they must have to do it somewhere else or they ask for it!
China and Russia, though not strong allies, see their interests conveniently converge on the North Korean issue, as both are contained by an American deplomacy
The Beijing-physicist comments after a delegation of Chinese scientists reportedly told North Korean officials their concerns about nuclear radiation leaking from the site which is 50 miles (80 km) from China’s border.

Chinese scientist at Peking University has now warned that the Punggye-ri mountain range, where the Kim regime has conducted all of its nation’s nuclear tests, could implode from the pressure.

He said: ”China cannot sit and wait until the site implodes.

3F6936B100000578-4427812-image-a-27_1492676114801 Russia is sending troops to its tiny border with North Korea while China is also understood that its ally with North Korea is at stake.

Unseen pictures reveal inside North Korea from China’s border

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