BREAKING:Russia fires several Massive ICBMS and Cruise Ballistic Missiles Today.

Russia-Missile-War-Nuclear-Vladimir-Putin-North-Korea-US-Donald-Trump-Topol-Test-Video-WW3-1119906MISSILE MIGHT: Russia has a huge nuclear arsenal – the biggest in the world.


As North Korea puts world on brink of WW3, Russia showed up with massive missile tests during military drills. There still reports coming up the Russian Ministry of Defense informs public that Missile force commanders announced the successful launch of a Topol-M in a major drill at the Kura Test Range in the far east Russia.

Watch footage supposedly from the drill released by the Russian Ministry of Defense:

The exercise is among the most comprehensive in recent memory, with the nuclear-capable missile launches occurring in both hemispheres and from the sea, land, and air. The War Zone began tracking reports of peculiarly heightened communications and air traffic among Russia strategic forces earlier in the day. Those reports turned out to be accurate, with Moscow disclosing the exercise shortly after it concluded.
Russia’s defense ministry confirmed the launch of the ICBM, as well as announcing three other missiles launched by submarines.

On the other hand, tensions between Putin and Donald Trump remain in place over allegations of election tampering by the Kremlin to swing it in favor of the now-US President.

NATO also remained cautious as Russia stages major military exercises on its frontiers, which Moscow has repeatedly said are purely defensive.
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