U.S. President Donald Trump congratulated Chinese President Xi Jinping,on his victory as a second, five-year term leader for China.

Donald Trump exalted Xi Jinping sa a “king”- somewhat China’s most powerful leader his extraordinary elevation. According to Trump,he feels Jinping is the best and great leader not only for China but a world’s quality leadership role model.000_nc30f-20170407125325-270x215
WASHINGTON –Trump –who is scheduled to fly to Beijing on 8 November for a three-day visit – went almost as far on Wednesday. “Spoke to President Xi of China to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation,” the US president tweeted, having refrained from weighing in on Asian affairs during Xi’s politically sensitive summit. “Also discussed NoKo [North Korea] and trade, two very important subjects!” Some had expected Trump to touch down in Beijing touting a grand US-China bargain. Such a deal might have seen Xi agree to help thwart Kim Jong-un’s nuclear ambitions in exchange for US concessions on issues such as the South China Sea or Taiwan, or its acquiescence on Kim Jong-un
“Trump’s comments play intense coax to a Chinese domestic audience. Considerably  what he is trying to do is preserve that good personal rapport with Xi which he thinks he will be able to do more with from a negotiating standpoint.”
download (13) China’s ruling Communist Party this week formally lifted Xi’s status to China’s most powerful ruler in decades by writing his name and dogma into the party’s constitution alongside the party founders.

So be informed … FYI Trump will also some special stops in these countries,Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines during the Nov. 3-14 trip.

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