Turkish forces move into Iraq to crack down PKK terror organization based in Turkey and Iraq.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK(Kurdish: Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê‎) is an organization based in Turkey and Iraq.Over the years this particular group is active in terrorist activities.

The Turkish military launched “Operation Euphrates Shield” on Wednesday to liberate the Syrian city of Jarablus from ISIS. 1508844363607-445893477409038056.jpgHave we seen this all before? In the past years USA and other Western countries have contributed immensely to fight terrorist group PKK but caught in trap and up on the way since it’s too expensive then. 15088442056942026972867-1696360267.jpg

Meanwhile prominent Iraqi Shiite Militia leader says will turn ISIS members to“slurpees”abu-azrael_650x400_61426565573with close ties to Iran has told the United States to go home while also accusing US forces of not actually being interested in fighting ISIS: “Your forces should get ready to get out of our country once the excuse of Daesh’s presence is over,”


At last Turkey now has its own intelligence assets and high technology to monitor PKK activities both at home and in Iraq.

It’s appealing while it’s a serious issue to be addressed.

Now what do you know about terrorism ??? You might keep solution ideas the world  need to fast track with. Hit it below.

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