At least 67 people killed as dozens more injured and displaced in Syrian civil war.

Syrian civil war continues to tear Arab relationship between brotherhood nations along the Arabian peninsula. Mystery: The question is why?

Course of events of the Syrian civil war lies in the hands of those in the pictures above . Directly or indirectly these leaders have ignited flames. USA has the highest portion of responsibility to tackle the issue. It seems like it will take 20 more years to wipe ISIS and other popping militants. Everyone is fighting for what he feels right to survive. Just last Saturday 67 were killed and more injured unreported.

Foreign ministers from western powers, are meeting with Arab countries that support rebel groups.Talks aimed at ending the Syrian conflict are taking place in Paris.


The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says at least 116 died in the three weeks that Qaryatain, in Homs province, was under jihadist control. 15087624881251914776168-676534365.jpgMost were shot or stabbed to death by IS for “collaborating”, it added.

1508759478204659508361-1982487773.jpgThe activist-run Palmyra Co-ordination Committee named 67 people it said had been killed by IS or government forces.

There was no immediate confirmation from the Syrian government or state media.

What are the best solutions for world peace keeping forces ,UN or all the leaders should do to end or lessen the burning fire?

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