Human trafficking especially ‘sex trade’ a global concern.USA on top of the list.

Wow this is disgusting! An overdue issue being neglected or not addressed well by UN and almost all countries in the world.This is the real problem , internet accommodates such pornographic materials that even reached innocent kids on the ground as early as at 5 years old above as long as hey know how to operate touch screen cell phones,tablets,laptop or desktop computer where they search almost everything which develop some crazy ideas ‘how to make quick money’.
Well by the way let us take USA for a grant as it tops on top of the world.

As sex trade or pornographic industry increases its volume at the demand of users (customers) when supply (pornographic hubs-pornographers-service providers) is low more recruits are on the rise.In economics it is just the same platform that describes how a particular product plays an important role with quality,quantity,price and time. But it’s funny here where our young beautiful girls are categorized by type,size,age,race,etc… which organizing agents like ‘youjizz’,blazzers,redtube,phonerotica,and more who sell for huge bunch of dollars with price tag per girl in those (1)
End result is billion-dollar invisible industry is targeting our growing underage children to sell away for money. There are some reports claims that some hidden professionals we can’t believe are incredibly pastors,cops,teachers,doctors,judges and the list goes few to name.Who-is-being-trafficked-2-
So be it since it’s professionally manipulated no one can get away with it.It was almost a billion dollars, according to an Urban Institute 2014 study. But these dirty profits come at a huge cost.This is how sex traffickers do business.
Anyway back to USA’s top cities who are in danger of losing most beloved girls at the hands of traffickers. Here is the list. image1233
Now the ball is still in your court,how would you manage to breed kids in a good and safe environment is something crucial and you know it.

If you have any thing to add or discuss most welcome .Drop it down on comment box.
Emergency alert>>>If you see something or someone suspicious, call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST.


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