Russian Airborne Troops Vowed for any action against USA’s aggressive presence in the Russian soil if US troops continue unaccepted drilling operations.

By the way before anything else let us recap short history how The Russian Airborne Troops came to exist .
History: The Russian Airborne Troops also known as VDV (“Vozdushno-desantnye voyska Rossii”) is a military branch of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. First formed before World War II, the force undertook two significant airborne operations and a number of smaller jumps during the war and for many years after 1945 was the largest airborne force in the world. Russian airborne forces have traditionally worn a blue beret and blue-striped telnyashka and are called “desant” 

Interwar and World War II

Soviet Paratroopers deploy from a Tupolev TB-3 in 1930.

The first airborne forces parachute jump is dated to 2 August 1930, taking place in the Moscow Military District. Airborne landing detachments were established after the initial 1930 experimental jump, but creation of larger units had to wait until 1932–33. On 11 December 1932, a Revolutionary Military Council order established an airborne brigade from the existing detachment in the Leningrad Military District.

DSCF0162-1200 Final stage of the joint command Operations

Russia’s Military Drills Near NATO Border Raise Fears of Aggression


Russia’s Largest Military Exercise Zapad 2017: Invasion – Запад2017 -Russian Armed Forces … The troops are conducting military maneuvers known as Zapad, Russian for “west,” in Belarus, the Baltic Sea, western Russia and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. The drills will feature a reconstituted armored force named for a storied Soviet military unit, the First Guards Tank Army. Its establishment represents the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union that so much offensive power has been concentrated in a single command.
30dc-russiamilitary1-master768 A Russian tank exercise outside Grodno, Belarus. CreditPool photo by Alexey Druginyn
The military exercise, planned for many months, is not a reaction to sweeping new economic sanctions on Russia that Congress passed last week. So far, Russia has retaliated against the sanctions by forcing the expulsion of several hundred employees in American diplomatic posts in the country. Russia will force the US diplomatic mission in the country to eliminate hundreds of people from its workforce by September 1, President Vladimir Putin told state TV in an interview that aired on Sunday.slick-42736-1501187843117 Putin: We’ll have to retaliate against santions imposed.

But the move is part of a larger effort by Mr. Putin to shore up Russia’s military prowess, and comes against the backdrop of an increasingly assertive Russia. Beyond Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election in support of the Trump campaign, which has seized attention in the United States, its military has in recent years deployed forces to Syria, seized Crimea and intervened in eastern Ukraine, rattled the Baltic States with snap exercises and buzzed NATO planes and ships.

620px-Medium_emblem_of_the_Воздушно-десантные_войска_Российской_Федерации.svg Coat of Arms of Airborne Forces
800px-Banner_of_the_Armed_Forces_of_the_Russian_Federation_(obverse).svg Obverse banner of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Original dimensions 170 cm × 130 cm.
450px-Flag_of_the_Russian_Airborne_Troops.svgFlag of the VDV(airborne troops of the Russian military).

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Don’t hesitate to say what you think of this current trend besides North Korea’s live stories Russia has something different to tell the world.

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