Vice President of The Philippines Leni Robredo Withdraws From Liberal Party


Liberal Party’s vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo

officially withdrawn but comes not a surprise being with such reasons like what she believed

*Roxas just violated the law.       *Rules of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) prohibit candidates from early campaigning.  *For the 2016 presidential elections, the campaign period set by the elections body is February 9 to May 7.

Roxas’ campaign, however, has just released a music video featuring celebrities and sports personalities which is obviously a campaign material in violation of the law.

While Robredo participated and appeared in the video, she told The Adobo Chronicles that she had no idea that the campaign material would be released this early.  She thought it was recorded for release on or after February 9.


The Philippine vice president resigned her Cabinet post Monday after citing irreconcilable differences with President Rodrigo Duterte, who had banned her

Well, the video has gone viral but has also become exhibit A, in an elections violation case that could be filed against Roxas and the Liberal Party.

Robredo wants no part of  the illegal activity, so she decideed to withdraw her VP candidacy.

Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – With a single tweet of less than 140 characters, Vice President Leni Robredo quit the Liberal Party — all in the name of national unity.

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