Russian Propagation On Trump’s Spot Watch Worries Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Owner)


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Via internal investigations, Mark Zuckerberg himself delivered a report on false accounts and announcements to Robert Mueller, a prosecutor who heads the work investigating Russia’s involvement in the presidential election that elected Donald Trump.15072597881362115122558.jpg
PRIMARILY propagated ads hateful content among the country’s voters addressing sensitive issues such as racism, gun ownership, and immigration. While Russia denies involvement, Facebook claims to have indications that the 3,000 ads were managed through 470 fake accounts, roughly all controlled from the country. More than $ 100,000 would have been spent on these publications.1507259985515-1392382075.jpg

It’s a fair skirt for Facebook. First, the company has passed over 3,000 ads that violate the established usage policies for the social network. Second, because 10 million people are far from being a despicable amount.

It sounds like that kind of empty promise made just to convey an air of proactivity or cooperation. But it is quite likely that Facebook is serious. So far, social network giant Facebook’s algorithms have been optimized primarily to generate the most revenue possible. The problem of Russian accounts shows, in the worst way, that the issue of security cannot be secondary in these efforts.1507113228412172447728.jpg

For more can visit Facebook Is Hiring 1,000 People To Review Paid Ads

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