PAYMAYA ATM-VISA CARD (Physical Card & Virtual Card)



Hello, bear in mind that there are 2 kinds of Paymaya Card.

#1.Physical Card (ATM-VISA CARD)

#2. Virtual Card (Online Use Only)

PayMaya is an app that gives you a virtual prepaid card for shopping online, booking flights and more. Depending on your mobile network, you either get a virtual Visa or Mastercard. You can also use this card to withdraw money from yourPayMaya account upon upgrading, and linking the physical card to yourPayMaya app.


Paymaya is brought to us by PLDT/Smart, a trusted name.There are a number of virtual VISA and Mastercard offerings in the Philippines, from companies like Globe or Yazz and banks like BPI and BDO. But incredibly Paymaya Cards are the cards of the century .


How to apply for a Paymaya Card

PayMaya is both a virtual card and a physical VISA card can be used to shop online and offline. You don’t have to be tied up with a telco to be able to own a PayMaya card. You can download the app sign up and submit some documentary requirement like a government ID, your home address and birthday and you are good to go.


When you sign up with PayMaya you will get two cards, the virtual card which will be used for Internet-only shopping and the physical card that can be used to shop both online and offline.

Are you an individual who shops in, or Zalora perhaps? Or, you are a small and medium enterprise business owner who don’t have credit card terminal yet?


Well don’t worry, Voyager Innovation and Smart E-Money has a solution for you. Both for the consumer and the business owner.


How To Do Business With PayMaya Cards.

For the small-medium enterprise (business owners), PayMaya has a solution for you. If you can’t be approved by credit card companies to get your own terminal, PayMaya business is the solution.

Card validation 4 years 

You can now automatically use PayMaya VISA physical card has a built-in Beep number. Therefore you can load and use your PayMaya in your LRT/MRT trips!


Where To Load Up

Load up your PayMaya wallet at:
  • Robinson’s Department Stores, SM Business Center, Smart Padala, Smart Wireless Center. Prepare your mobile number and a valid ID. …
  • 7-eleven. Go to the Cliqq Kiosk. …
  • BDO online/mobile banking: Log in to your BDO online/mobile account. …
  • Touch Pay. …
  • Union Bank ATM. …
  • Smart Padala.
  • & More!


Pay Bills At Home!

What bills can I pay using this service?

  • Meralco
  • Laguna Water
  • Cignal
  • PLDT
  • Smart Postpaid
  • Smart Bro
  • Maynilad
  • Sun postpaid
  • Globe postpaid
  • Manila Water
  • Sky Cable
  • Destiny Cable
  • BayanTel
  • PLDT Ultera
  • ABS-CBN Mobile
  • We’re adding more so stay tuned!


How To Pay?

Login to your PayMaya app and settle your bills by simply tapping on the ‘Pay Bills’ app feature and select the biller you want to pay. Take note that you should have enough money placed in your account to do this.


Just follow instructions all the way until you completly filled up required  information the transaction is done,wait for confirmation within few minutes.

You’re done!

By Blogger Dwaightz

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