How To Activate PayMaya To PayPal Account

Follow these simple steps here;

First, you need to login to your PayMaya account, a screenshot is provided for ease and reference.

Click the menu button, the button got 3 horizontal lines, then click “My Cards”. What we are after is the PayMaya Virtual VISA Card since this is the one that is enabled for online purchases. Watch the video below.

Right it’s very easy just in a minute your PayPal is activated.

After watching it’s practical try it out .

  • Tap “Link” to activate your PayMaya VISA Card.
  • Fill out the required details – your birthday and complete address.
  • Tap “Activate”.
  • Your card number, CVV, and Expiry Date will be displayed. You’ll need these information when you start purchasing online.
  • Now you can update. In the course of necessary changes within PayPal, the new recommended amount you need to secure with your PayMaya is P200.00 from the old minimum of P50.oo  – P70.00. The initial $1.00 will be withdrawn by PayPal for the test payment verification test then another $2.00 will be deducted to generated our PayPal verification code.

Should you have anything to ask don’t be shy, go ahead hit a comment box below and we’re on your aid as soon as possible.

By Blogger Dwaightz


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